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2 months ago724.34 MB4,956530
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Last Month8.75 GB1,238304
Last Month1011.75 MB1,2045,703
Last Month3.91 GB1,09540
Last Month1.46 GB1,084116
3 months ago969.49 MB925832
Last Month2.28 GB8651,824
Last Month2.43 GB8459
Last Month1.44 GB8101,099
4 months ago1.19 GB711491
2 months ago573.78 MB704478
Last Month1.12 GB6922,458
Last Month1.9 GB6776,209
3 months ago886 MB641466
2 months ago715.04 MB579432
Last Month5.47 GB559516
2 months ago689.53 MB509343
Last Month6.17 GB488838
Last Month224.07 MB447296
Last Month3.37 GB413602
Last Month1.72 GB335226
Last Month4.32 GB305325
Last Month1.58 GB293224
Last Month1.38 GB290115
Last Month1.47 GB276197
Last Month747.24 MB27649
Last Month1.07 GB231339
3 months ago1.01 GB221309
Last Month80.78 MB195131
Last Month8.74 GB1913
Last Month1.36 GB18750
Last Month4.52 GB178111
Last Month3.02 GB17791