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2 months ago1.37 GB1,449460
Last Month1.11 GB9191,750
3 months ago1.47 GB659893
2 months ago728.91 MB567375
2 months ago2.5 GB34155
Last Month2.13 GB3021,090
30 days ago722.24 MB257170
Last Month1.96 GB2151,269
Last Month736.7 MB195129
2 months ago708.24 MB18324
3 months ago700.14 MB18196
3 months ago1.38 GB158129
3 months ago1.15 GB154121
2 months ago1.34 GB149100
Last Month1.25 GB137475
2 months ago729.48 MB12985
2 months ago1 GB11733
Last Month701.7 MB114897
Last Month1.38 GB1081,033
2 months ago711.45 MB10115
3 months ago1.16 GB91110
2 months ago423.91 MB8411
Last Month1.99 GB7777
2 months ago1.1 GB76138
Last Month403.32 MB76574
Last Month1.96 GB754
Last Month1.65 GB669
Last Month1007.94 MB6356
3 months ago1 GB6131
27 days ago1.99 GB613
2 months ago705.41 MB5668
Last Month1.54 GB56379
2 months ago697.42 MB5529
Last Month717.59 MB52141
Last Month1.75 GB5268
27 days ago1.3 GB5210
2 months ago266.74 MB4611
Last Month267.31 MB44114
Last Month1.17 GB3551
Last Month1.37 GB34253
Last Month701.7 MB343
Last Month1.06 GB32164
26 days ago1.75 GB327
Last Month7.59 GB3117
Last Month714.28 MB3021
Last Month853.86 MB3061
Last Month1.58 GB3035
2 months ago1.37 GB2929