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27 days ago1.45 GB1,49489
2 months ago4.85 GB1,2566,916
Last Month1.37 GB792781
2 months ago4.07 GB510647
Last Month2.73 GB3221,476
Last Month1.73 GB273755
2 months ago4.74 GB2512,216
Last Month2.15 GB2365,246
Last Month1.02 GB2095,190
Last Month1.46 GB20215
Last Month14.13 GB1411,075
2 months ago1.95 GB134200
3 months ago1.51 GB133146
4 months ago1.01 GB1291,020
Last Month2.14 GB11724
4 months ago663.55 MB112161
2 months ago1.77 GB110481
Last Month43.53 GB102291
17 days ago11.01 GB101127
2 months ago1.44 GB91104
Last Month2.05 GB8691
Last Month30.62 GB86795
Last Month10.98 GB841,343
Last Month2.14 GB836
4 months ago537.42 MB8057
2 months ago6.06 GB69545
6 months ago4.55 MB512
Last Month23.61 GB42111
2 months ago2.23 GB41319
Last Month853.56 MB41109
Last Month10.47 GB41168
4 months ago808.84 MB40113
Last Month6.59 GB40402
6 months ago4.55 MB372
4 months ago856.61 MB3779
4 months ago811.78 MB3572
Last Month1.8 GB3545
2 months ago1.49 GB343
Last Month2.15 GB31174
2 months ago4.71 GB3059
26 days ago1.84 GB307
4 months ago705.13 MB28131
Last Month43.08 GB28489
4 months ago2.96 GB2582
Last Month2.05 GB2593
2 months ago1.78 GB2495
2 months ago1.55 GB2488
2 months ago4.84 GB23312
Last Month2.14 GB2320
2 months ago1.14 GB2293